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Victoria, BC, is accessible via Plane or Ferry.

Try to book flights as soon as possible; prices will go up as time passes. A good website to compare flights is You can fly to Vancouver (YVR) and take the BC Ferry, or fly directly to Victoria, BC (YYJ) – it is usually cheaper to fly to Vancouver. If you are okay with travelling a bit longer, you can search for flights via Las Vegas, and take a connection to Victoria, BC. Sometimes you can find fantastic deals that way.

When you are looking to book a rental car, we highly recommend comparing prices via different platforms and booking early. A lot of rental car companies allow free cancellations in case you change your mind. We can also try to arrange pick-ups at the airport/ferry terminal if necessary and bring you to a rental station in town. That usually saves quite a bit of money. 

Your presence will be the biggest gift to us and we are looking forward to celebrating with you. Physical gifts are not necessary. A card with your wishes for us is appreciated!

Be prepared for all kinds of weather! June is usually pretty hot, but it can also rain or get cool unexpectedly. Bring light clothes, warm clothes, and a rain jacket.

The wedding day will not be super formal, but wear something that you think will look nice in pictures. Remember that we will be out in nature, so there is a possibility of clothes getting a bit dirty.

There is no colour palette, but Mareike really likes bright and colourful attire!

The Bride will wear a dress and the Groom will wear a tuxedo.

Don’t forget a swimsuit and towel for the beach!

Mid-June is usually one of the nicest times on Vancouver Island. The days are warm (18-24 degree Celsius) and likely dry, and it cools down to a comfortable 13-16 degrees celcius at night. We hope and pray for the best weather; however, the weather can change quickly and possibly rain, especially on the coast. When you plan your outfit, we advise you to consider bringing a rain jacket and warm clothing.

The campground only provides pit toilets. We will provide a sanitary station to wash your hands, but there will be no showers or flush toilets available. We will have a portable shower-head and shower-tent for anyone who really needs it!

We want to take the day in with its pure beauty. Therefore, we will not be providing alcoholic beverages. We have no issues if you would like to bring your own drinks. 

We will provide water, coffee, tea, and other non-alcoholic beverages to keep you hydrated on the day of the wedding. However, we advise you to bring extra beverages if you are camping for the weekend!

Renting a whole set of camping gear can get expensive and there aren’t many available options.

One option to save money that we recommend is buying cheap camping gear from stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire (tents are usually less than $100). After the event, you can leave the gear with us and we will try to sell it for you – once it’s sold, we will send you the money we get from it. Many people on the island are looking for deals on used gear, and since it will be the start of summer, we are fairly confident that we won’t have issues selling it.

You can also check Facebook Marketplace for deals on used gear. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you.

We will provide all the food for our guests on the wedding day (June 15th). 

If you are camping, please plan ahead and bring enough food for the rest of your stay. The closest store to the campground is in Sooke (25 min. from the campground).

We will have some cooking equipment available, but please bring your own if you have any. If you are able to share, that would be greatly appreciated!

French Beach is a BC-Provincial Park with active wildlife like deer, black bears, cougars, and wolves. Usually, these animals stay away from loud noises and large groups and should not be a problem. However, if you decide to camp with us, please keep everything with a scent in your vehicles. This includes any kind of food, bathroom amenities, toothpaste, sweet drinks, essential oils, etc. We will also try to provide a vehicle where you can keep your bags if necessary. 

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and/or allergies so we can make arrangements with our caterer. We will have vegetarian and non-seafood options provided.

Nathaniel’s Best-Man, Elliott Kyle, will be performing a few songs with an acoustic guitar. We may have more music, but we are still planning this out – stay tuned!

The park is fully wheelchair-friendly, but there is a steeper hill down to the oceanfront that you might need help getting to. The main parking lot is paved, but the trails are only gravel paths. Half of the group campsite is gravel and the other half is a grassy area.

The campground provides a bin for garbage and recycling. Due to active wildlife in the area, please make sure to put your garbage away in the bins or the provided garbage can. Don’t leave bags out as wildlife may try to get to it.


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